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American Dirt Bike has a complete line of ATK/ Avenger frame parts and accessories for all years and all models. ADB is what was left of the ATK factory when it was in Los Angeles so we have a wide range of parts instock. If you do not see it ask!

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Paioli Fork Guard Kit                  WP Fork Guard Kit
           $59.95ea.                                    $49.95ea.

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1826 -ATK HD Chain Torque Eliminator Sprokets complete with all hardware Fits all ATK models 84-93 $96.95 Complete

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Tank Decals-$116.90set High quality vented mylar

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ATK/ IMS Pro 4 Footpeg Set w/custom machined mounts. Available for 1988-1993 models of ATK motorcycles. $198.00 complete set

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High Performance 406 Reed Block System. Improves low end responce, opens wider and seals better than stock. Comes with long lasting Adige carbon reeds. Complete Reed Block w/Reeds & Stop. $139.95
Replacement Reeds $24.95ea.

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ATK 406 Works Pipe. Better low end improved midrange. Will fit 1988 to 1993 ATK's $229.95

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Countershaft Disc Brake Parts.

1335 -ATK 350/500/600  87-93 Caliper Mount
1336 -ATK 250/406 88-93 Caliper Mount
1337 -ATK 250/406/350/500/560/600  87-93 Rear Caliper $190.00ea
1011 - ATK Chromoly Countershaft Disc. $99.95ea.
1019 -Countershaft Disc Spacer $35.00ea.
1639 -Rear Brakeline $55.00ea.
1448 -Rear Mastercylinder $124.95ea.
1442 -Resivore $24.00ea.
1618 -Rear Brake Pedal (2 Stroke) $49.00ea.
1718 -Rear Brake Pedal (4 Stroke)  $49.00ea.

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ATK Brake Levers
A-Brembo Lever
B-Magura Lever $32.00ea.
C-Nisson Lever $28.90ea.

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2 & 4 Stroke Skid Plates. Available for all years of ATK $89.95ea.

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ATK/Avenger Kickstand. Aluminum w/steel insert/ mounting hardware included. $89.95ea.

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American Dirt Bike stocks a full line of brake pads for all years of ATK/Avenger.

1894 -Carbon Metal Rear C/S Disc Pads $52.50
1894T -Carbon Metal Baja C/S Disc Pads $54.50
1329 -Semi Metal Rear C/S Disc Pads $32.95
1172 -Front Kevlar Pads 87-93 $38.00

We have brake pads for ALL ATK's Just let us know model and year.

We have plastic! Just let us know what you need!

NEW! Inventive Americans DVD. $25.00 set
This is a great video of the original ATK factory in Los Angeles. The people that started ATK were a very special group. It includes videos of the Colorado 500 and the ATK 604 EFI 4 Stroke dirt bikes as they were introduced. It also comes with an extra DVD on the Utah ATK company. This is a great DVD for anyone who owns an ATK.