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 GPR Stabilizer System  


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GPR Stabilizer Systems available for ATK/Avenger
New hard anodized stabilizer colors
(blue, red, green, orange)
we also carry the complete line of GPR products. If you dont see it ask!

Complete GPR System for ATK/Avenger
regular size bars 
oversize bars        $435.00

To Order:
call:  951-283-5447
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The GPR Stabilizer system is professionally race proven around the world in Road Racing, Off Road Racing, Motocross and Super Motard. Available for most Dirt Bikes, Sport Bikes and ATV's

Dampening is controlled by the numbered dial. The dial will click one one or six only, allowing adjustments to be exact and consistant by using the numbers as reference points. You can go one to six without backing down the rotation.

The smooth rotory action of dampening throughout the turning stroke proves to be superior to the traditional piston, push-pull action dampers for sport bikes. No fading By using the highest quality aerospace materals and the latest synthetic fluids they have eliminated fading on and off road.

Increase your stamina and confidence by reducing head shake and arm pump. Cut down your lap times. Street riders will benefit from the stability when changing lanes over uneven pavement. Surprise grooves and ruts are no problem. The high speed dampening virtually locks the bars in place when an unexpected rock or road hazard collides with the front wheel.

Service is recommended once a year or if th stabilizer does not function properly. You can send the unit to us and we will rebuild it back to original specs $25.00 + postage

The GPR Stabilizer System has a lifetime warranty on parts and materials from defects and craftmanship.

When ordering ATK/Avenger kits give model and year

We have complete systems for the Honda CRF 450, Yamaha YZF 450
If you do not see it ASK!

We Carry All GPR Systems that are available/ Just let us know what you have.