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American Dirt Bike offers a complete Rotax & WP service center. Our services include Rotax motorcycle engine rebuilding, cylinder boring, race modifacations, head porting and complete ATK/Avenger motorcycle restoration. Complete WP Suspension rebuilding and valveing for all ATK/Avenger forks and shocks. If you do not see a service listed please ask.

To schedule service or to send your Rotax engine or motorcycle to ADB

call: 951-283-5447

General Services & Prices
all of these prices are labor only and do not include parts.

Rotax 4 Stroke Engine Services: 350.500,560,600
General teardown, inspection, cleaning, reassembly
Cylinder Boreing
Sleeve Replacement & Bore $189.00
Finish Hone $15.00
Rechrome Nickasil Cylinder $229.00
Head Rebuilding, Resurface, Lap Valves, Clean Carbon
Install Connecting Rod and True Crankshaft  $90.00
Valve Grinde 4 Valves $80.00
Extract,Install Engine in Frame to Finished Condition $525.00

Rotax 2 Stroke Engine Services: 250AC, 406, 250/260LQ
General teardown, inspection, cleaning, reassembly
Cylinder Boreing/Finish Hone $90.00
Sleeve Replacement & Boring $189.00
Finish Hone $15.00
Install Connecting Rod and True Crankshaft  $69.00

WP Front Fork Services
WP 4054, 4057 Front Fork teardown, cleaning, reassembly, instalation of fork seals and oil level set .
$140.00 pair
Fork oil and fork valving modifacation $45.00 pair
R&R fork bottom $15.00 ea.

WP Rear Shock Services
WP 4681 Rear Shock, teardown cleaning, reassembly, R&R seal cap, charge with nitrogen
Shock oil and valving modifacation $25.00
Rechrome Shaft  $209.00
Replace Shock Top $45.00

We do everything ATK/Avenger/Rotax if you do not see it contact