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 Motorcycle Tie Bar  


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Motorcycle Tie Bar  $99.95 Full Size   $99.95Mini Truck
Shipping 48 States $20.00
Instructions and hardware included.

To Order:
call: 1-951-283-5447

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We also carry the ADB Bikeshoe

The Motorcycle Tie Bar will allow you to secure and transport up to three dirt bikes safely in the bed of your pickup truck. It will also keep you from bending the front section of the bed when you roll the bikes up against it. The mounting bolts are located between the motorcycle tire slots and there is tie down tabs for each bike position.

The Motorcycle Tie Bar is very easy to install and only takes one man about 10 minutes. There are tabs welded on to the bolts that allow easy access to the tight space between the cab and the truck bed.

The Motorcycle Tie Bar can be used in toy-box and box-van haulers. The tire slots keep the wheel from moving side to side so it can be used in a number of ways. The mini truck model has only two tire slots.

If you have any questions about the  Motorcycle Tie Bar please contact