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This is the  2004 Avenger  600cc Dual Sport in front of the HAAS VF-8 CNC This machine manufactured the Triple Clamps, Disc Guard,Caliper Mount  and other various parts. To make it a beautifuly crafted and well fitted Motorcycle


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No wasted space here everything is in the perfect spot very easy to service and maintain. You can remove the rear shock in seconds.


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Im Keith Fearing I make the Avenger from start to finish as well as keep the parts flowing.

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The 2003 Avenger 600cc MX almost as much fun to look at as it is to ride. The Rotax Nikasil 4-stroke  engine is fast and reliable and the chain tork eliminator w/the countershaft disc brake after years of development works perfect.

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This is the second Avenger that was built. It is 248lbs of precise handling Rotax power. This race bike was made by hand with no jigs and is a fine example of the workmanship we put into every Avenger we make.

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This photo of a 406 was on the 1992 ATK brochure.

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This is a great shot of the inside of an 2003 Avenger 600ESDS